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Unpolluted with the din and bustle of the town, JAMUNAMUKH COLLEGE is located in a specious Compound of about six acres of land on the southem edge of Jamunamukh town. It is the lone institution that caters to the need for higher education for the people in the southem part of nagaon District and the entire parts of karbi Anglong District. Students of different catagories occupy the pivotal position in the society the level of civilization of a society can be measured and respected is regarded as superior so when the public in ad around Jamunamukh keenly felt the need of institution for higher education some enterprising educationists of the area came forward with the above sighted vison to set up one such college it was under the patermal care and the patronage of eminent personalities a sponsoring body for establishing such needed college was formed in the year 1995. The effective and persisteve effort of that sponsoring..   Read More

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